Privacy Rights


In today’s digital world, our privacy is constantly at risk. Often times we take for granted with whom, and when, our private lives are most at stake. In fact, our day-to-day lives expose the most intimate and personal data to numerous threats whether known or not; whether that data be in our phone, tablet, computer or laptop. We commonly entrust these devices to “trusted” businesses in hopes they can recover or assist with repairing the devices. What we don’t expect is for these “trusted” businesses to peruse and scour our personal data when our coveted devices are handed over to be fixed.

In fact, this kind of invasion of privacy may be actionable. While we generally associate an invasion of privacy with a ‘peeping Tom’ or having your identity stolen, in today’s age an invasion of privacy takes a much different face. An invasion of privacy may occur when an unauthorized individual removes images from your phone, or when data is copied from your computer without your consent.

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